Weltethos Institut

Welcome to the Weltethos-Institut

The goals of the University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut are to promote awareness of moral issues among international economic and political actors and to facilitate meaningful intercultural dialogue and trust.

'No peace between nations without peace between religions! And no peace between religions without dialogue between religions!’ argued Global Ethic Project founder and renowned Catholic theologian Hans Küng in 1990. Ever since, the Global Ethic Project has sought to identify and celebrate common values and moral standards among the diverse peoples and cultures of the post-Cold War world.

‘No world peace without a fair global economy! No fair global economy without a Global Economic Ethic! No Global Economic Ethic without new approaches to business ethics!’ Küng argued further in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. The University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut was thus founded in 2012 with a specific mandate to tackle the ethical challenges facing 21st-century globalised business and society through teaching, research, public engagement and international dialogue.

Financed through the generous support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the work of the Weltethos-Institut  is overseen by Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel.