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Studium Lehrveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2014/15 Seminar: Perspectives on Global Civil Society

Seminar: Perspectives on Global Civil Society

Dr. Christopher Gohl



Masterstudierende; außerhalb der Wirtschaftswissenschaften auch Bachelor- und Lehramtsstudierende (EPG II) ab dem 5. Fachsemester

Sprache englisch
Rhythmus wöchentlich

Dienstag, 14-16 Uhr (Beginn: 21.10.2014)

Ort / Raum Weltethos-Institut, Hintere Grabenstraße 26, Bushaltestelle „Stadtgraben”
Max. Teilnehmer 24

Globalization does not only mean the increase of economic interdependency in terms of production, service, and trade across national and continental borders. It also signifies the emergence of new forms of societal and political association and action in a “Global Civil Society“. This contested concept fuzzily encompasses diverse empirical phenomena, such as global movements of protest as well as of solidarity, the birth of global public spheres of communication and interaction, and NGOs with a global presence on the one hand, and normative ideas on the other hand, such as cosmopolitan notions of rights and responsibilities, world citizenship, and a global ethic.

This seminar starts with the assumption that the fact of globality changes the way we perceive concepts of citizenship, democracy, markets, and government in a fundamental manner. First, we attempt to explore the different concepts of the Global Civil Society discourse. We will then examine different issues that arise from that, especially the relation between Global Business, Global Governance, and Global Civil Society, as well as questions of global economic justice.




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