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Forschung Prof Dr. Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Prof Dr. Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Ph.d and Dr. Scient. Adm. is Associate Professor of Responsibility, Ethics and Legitimacy of Corporations and Head of Research Group “Management in Transition” (MIT), at the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies at Roskilde University, Denmark and he is also Part-time Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

Rendtorff received his M.A. and Ph.D at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has also degrees from the University of Paris and Freie Universität, Berlin. Rendtorff has been visiting professor at many Universities, including Bentley University, Boston, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University and Stanford University (2001), the Center for Ethics and Economics at the University of Louvain, Belgium (2004), the university of Franche Comté (2011) and the university of Paris-X-La Défense (2012)

Rendtorff has written many books and articles in particular: Responsibility, Ethics and Legitimacy of Corporations, Copenhagen Business School Press, Copenhagen 2009.

Rendtorff is the president of the Scandinavian Chapter of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) and Head of the Working Group on Philosophy of Economics of the German Philosophical Society (Arbeitsgruppe Wirtschaftsphilosophie und Wirtschaftsethik). Presently, Rendtorff’s main research interests are to develop a framework for cosmopolitan business ethics where the principles of stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance are implemented in concrete ethical business practice.

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