Weltethos Institut
Research Prof. Dr. Dierksmeier

Vita Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier

Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier was appointed Director of the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute) in January 2012 after holding a position as Distinguished Professor of Globalization Ethics and Co-Director of the Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT) at Stonehill College in North-Easton (Boston), Mass., USA.

From 1998, Dierksmeier was a Research Assistant for Practical Philosophy at the University of Jena, before accepting a chair offer in the US in 2002. Additional stays abroad led him to Spain, Uruguay and Argentina as a guest lecturer and research fellow. He has also taught executive and graduate courses on CSR, economic philosophy, and humanistic management at universities in Berlin (Humboldt-Viadrina Governance School, Steinbeis Universität) and Barcelona (IQS, Universitat Ramon Llull).

Prof. Dierksmeier’s academic work focuses questions of political, religious and economic philosophy with a special emphasis on theories of liberty and responsibility in the age of globality. Currently, his main academic interest lies in developing the secular foundation of the Global Ethic Project via the idea of “qualitative freedom”, on which he has recently published a book (Qualitative Freiheit, 2016). He also conducts research on theories and practices of “humanistic management” and “humanistic economics”, and explores concrete questions in applied financial and business ethics (including, most recently, cryptocurrencies).

Prof. Dierksmeier is also a board member of the Humanistic Management Network (http://www.humanetwork.org) and Academic Director of The Humanistic Management Center in Berlin (http://www.humanisticmanagement.org).

CV and list of publications english (PDF)