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Institute Management Vita Dr. Bernd Villhauer

Vita Dr. Bernd Villhauer

Dr. Bernd Villhauer studied philosophy and art history in Freiburg, Jena and Hull (UK) following a business apprenticeship. Born in Karlsruhe and now a husband and father in Tübingen, Dr. Villhauer completed his doctoral dissertation on the thought of Aby Warburg, and went on to work for several media and publishing firms, and most recently as Editor-in-Chief for Narr Francke Attempto. He has also enjoyed lecturing stints at universities in Karlsruhe, Jena, Darmstadt and Tübingen in cultural and media studies, philosophy and economics. He is a co-founder of the Institut für Praxis der Philosophie e.V. in Darmstadt.

Since the summer of 2013, Dr. Villhauer has taught the “Money and Ethics” seminar at the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute). He has also organised the popular “Klüger wirtschaften” (‘Better Business’) event series. His current research interests include monetary theory and financial ethics, on which he also writes regularly in his popular German blog "Finanz & Eleganz".

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