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Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz


Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz is director of the Humanistic Management Center (HMC), an independent think tank, teaching institution and consulting firm dedicated to business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Kimakowitz is also co-director of Ethics First, the Executive Education arm of the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute) and the HMC. Ethics First supports leaders in shaping their corporate success according to the public interest by offering real world-oriented training programmes.

Dr. Kimakowitz is also a leading figure in the Humanistic Management Network, which aims to promote respect for human dignity and the integration of ethical considerations into managerial decisions and stakeholder engagement. He is also heavily involved in the social entrepreneurship and impact investing fraternities as a researcher, publishing author, teacher and consultant.

In addition to teaching assignments in leadership skills at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and the Universidad EAN in Bogotá, Columbia, Dr. Kimakowitz lectures on stakeholder dialogue and impact investing at the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute).

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