Weltethos Institut
Academics Lecturers


Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier and Dr. Bernd Villhauer cover the domain of economic and financial ethics, offering lectures and seminars central to the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute) core focus on business. The institute’s offerings are also enriched by courses from Dr. Christopher Gohl on Ethics in International Relations, Stakeholder Dialogues, Cosmopolitanism, Ethics and Excellence and Dr. Jonathan Keir on the philosophy of the Global Ethic Project itself and the role of the global humanities in furthering the project’s aims. Michael Wihlenda also provides expertise on Social Entrepreneurship Education, Economy and Civil Society, and Social Innovations, and actively facilitates student self-education within the framework of the World Citizen School.

Our teaching programme is also supplemented by external and visiting lecturers on a semester- by-semester basis. A total of ten Bachelor and Masters course are offered to students of the University of Tübingen each semester.

Dr. Friedrich Glauner

Dr. Jonathan Keir 

Dr. Karl G. Jechoutek

Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Oliver Laasch

Dr. Christian Lautermann

Dr. Stephan Schlensog

Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert

Dr. Johannes J. Frühbauer